Hello? Am I here?

01 Oct 2016

It has actually been so long since last time that I'd forgotten my password, so much for an active blog. So I looked at my Google Analytics overview for this page and it looks like I've had between zero and one reader per month on this blog. Not a big surprise as I haven't advertised this blog to anyone for about four years. I feel like not advertising the blog means that I can be more controversial (which of course doesn't makes sense since I'm posting this to the internet openly available for all kinds of scrutiny). If you know me IRL and randomly stumbled upon this blog please let me know (no reason, just curious).

Now for a quick update: School is still 78% of my life right now. The remaining 22% are Danish style socializing and procrastination. Just the way I like it in other words. Japan seems like a distant past and I have already settled into the Danish way of life. I reckon I will feel Danish any time now. Slowly but surely Danish people are actually answering me when I talk to them, not just nodding their heads yes pretending like they understood what I said. Great progress. Overall Denmark is amazing, except for the disgusting "hot dogs" they sell in 7-11, yuck. I hope to stay here after I graduate in a years time, that would be sweet.

I may or may not remember to write here from time to time from now on. Don't stay tuned.

Btw PPAP is the worst thing to happen so far this year.
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