3 week report

13 Sep 2015

It's been (almost) three weeks since I came to DTU. So far the courses have been tough but OK. I have four courses, out of which half are quite interesting. The other two courses are excruciatingly boring, but I think I will make it through. Even though DTU is ranked as (one of) the best engineering schools in Scandinavia, I have not seen a big difference in the student body from my previous university in terms of motivation and willingness to learn. This has made me realize that quantifying "smarts" is not easy in any institution, and thus some people who are here shouldn't be and vice versa.

What has surprised me most is that the Danish students party a lot. I mean, A LOT. If I wanted to I could easily go get wasted any day of the week, without ever leaving the campus. I have no idea how they survive, but it is nice that I can go out and have a beer with people on the weekend.

My accomodation is right in the campus which makes me one of the lucky few who lives close to here. Most of my friends live about 10km away (bicycle distance in Denmark). Just a heads up to anyone thinking of applying to DTU!

Have a great few weeks.
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